Jamestown Cross by McKeown 97998

Deanne McKeown
Deanne McKeown
"None of us perceive the world in exactly the same way. Our oneness lies in a yearning to touch and to understand. My work is an endeavor to share my thoughts and vision through form and color and relationships, hoping to charge my images with meaning which will reach across the spaces between us."
Byron McKeown
Byron McKeown
Over the years I’ve learned to appreciate excellence although I rarely achieve it. The closest I come is in the ephemeral areas of concept and integrity. But, since I believe that my next effort will be my best, I will continue to pursue excellence.
Silver Jewelry
1.5" x 0.75"




This cross is a representation of an artifact found at the site of Jamestown Colony near Chesapeake Bay. English colonists landed here 400 years ago on May 1607. By the end of September, nearly half of the original 108 colonists had died, mostly of typhoid, dysentery and perhaps salt poisoning.

The original cross was of a black mineral stone and may have belonged to one of Jamestown’s few Catholics. It speaks to their hope to create a new life in America and to convert the native peoples to the Catholic Faith.