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Private Instruction

Private Lessons, Mentoring and Creating your own Workshop

Private Classes

Private classes can be arranged on YOUR schedule! Explore the instructors available at the bottom of this page offering possibilities in various mediums. Contact artists directly to make an arrangement that suits your needs. Or call the Arts Center to assist you in making arrangements 928.282.3809. Some projects or experiences can be completed in as little as a couple hours and usually the artist can supply the needed materials and tools.

Team Building Experiences

Whether it is a company outing, a field trip for your class or a family vacation experience the Arts Center can put together the right teacher and studio with the right group for a creative learning opportunity.


The mentoring program at the School of the Arts is designed to guide the student that has studied the basics of their craft and is ready to take it to another level. Students begin by choosing a small committee of local artist/instructors. Through critique sessions students will get unique feedback about how to develop a series of works that reflect their unique personality as an artist.

Students will typically choose three artists and will benefit from an exchange of information that has a synergy all its own. According to Vince Fazio, Executive Director of the Center and long time Director of the School of the Arts, “A mentoring group may be of great value to a developing artist. Many artists have a very broad knowledge base. Even though they may work in a particular style they might provide a perspective on your work that gives a fresh appreciation of possibilities.”

Starting with a statement of goals from the student the mentors will offer guidance through critique sessions to help the student evolve a body of work. Through monthly interactions with their mentors the students will ultimately gain the insight that helps to direct their own artistic style and subject matter. By the end of the sessions the original statement of goals will have evolved into the ‘Artists Statement’ suitable for a website or exhibition.

Mentoring towards an Exhibition

If the student wishes to continue on to creating an actual exhibition they will be guided in the other side of the artist’s life – presentation and marketing. Gallery and Marketing staff at the arts center will augment the recommendations of the mentors in mounting an exhibit and promoting it to the general public. Options for exhibiting will include the Special Exhibitions Gallery at SAC as well as being a ‘Featured Artist’ in a given month in the Fine Art Gallery, or the student may be ready to take their portfolio to other commercial galleries.

Make your dreams a reality by investing in yourself through the Mentoring program at the Sedona Arts Center. The price for the program varies depending on individual student needs. Those interested should contact Vince Fazio, Executive Director to schedule a meeting. 928.282.3809

Creating Your Own Workshop

Would you like to bring a particular artist or workshop to the Sedona Arts Center? Gather 5 friends and lets make it happen! If you get the ball rolling we will then be able to offer and market the workshop to the general public both nationally and locally. Contact Vince Fazio, Executive Director to schedule a meeting to find out more 928.282.3809 .

Private Instructors

Creative Journaling, Painting, Drawing
Painting, Pastel, or Oils
Prismacolor Pencil Drawing
Abstract Acrylic Painting
Photography, iPhoneography
Painting, Watercolor
Ceramics, Team Building, Private Lessons
Precious Metal Clay Jewelry