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Your Partnership Makes a Difference

Our sponsors and donors are integral to the fulfillment of our mission. We could not touch as many lives as we do without the financial support that our State, our City, and our community of generous individuals and businesses provide. Thank you for your ongoing support!

David & Isabel Simmer
Jay & Sheri Young


$25,000 +

Kling Family Foundation:
Daryl Kling and Lewis Guthrie
Donalyn G. Kling
Donalyn Mikles
Vicki Gumm

$10,000 ~ $24,999

David and Isabel Simmer
T.B. Walker Foundation: Kathleen Yeates

$5,000 ~ $9,999

Steve and Alison Carter
Gerald Rosenbluth Family Fund:
Dawn and Harvey Bershader
Jay and Sheri Young

$2,500 ~ $4,999

Jeff and Debra Fleeger
Janet and Terry Klebe
Elizabeth and David Lukes
Gwen Ortmeyer
Mary and Neil Pope
Ellen Taylor and James Draves
Julie Williams

$1,000 ~ $2,499

Deborah and Brad Andrews
Joan Bankert
George and Dawn Bazarko
Kathie Bell
Jennete and David Bill
Mike Boyd and Melissa Pontikes
Jacqueline Cambata
Johnny and Fran Delashaw
Janet and Peter Fagan
Ellen and Rick Ferreira
Mary and Bob Flaisig
Pam and John Frazier
Joyce and Joe Friel
Lorie Garver
Liana Genovesi and Scott Ahrendt
Kath and Bill Gilliam
Dawn Griffin
Robert Hartmann
Michael and Paula Harvey
Dana Hayes
Patty Herrman-Juda and Roy Juda
Keith and Deirdre Hunter
Pat and Rama Jager
Neil R. Kennedy and Dr. Charles Spence
Stephanie Larsen Interior Design
Betsy Lehman
Wendy Lippman
Kathy Louderback

$1,000 ~ $2,499 (cont.)

Byron and Deanne McKeown
Carol and Lee Meiner
Catherine Moore and Ed Southwell
Mary Morris
Allison and Chris Nichols
Dennis and Pat Ott
Christie and Thomas Palmer
Bruce and Ann Peek
Holli Ploog and Bert Campbell
Melissa Pontikes and Mike Boyd
Carol Prough
Joan and Wayne Roberts
Geoffrey and Katharina Roth
Mark Rownd
Karen Scott
Jan Saunders and Alan Stephenson
Fran Schlatter and Dan Dulava
Dick and Jan Sitts
Joan Tonyan
Ed and Melanie Voboril
Kathie & Michael Waide
Ann Herbert Weiner & Kevin Bain
Jennifer and Rick Wesselhoff
Debbie Winslow
Gloria Winterlin

$500 ~ $999

Jim Bratton and Drew Tait
Marlene Jensen
William Kusner
Lynette and Russell Rockas
Judy Samuel
Larry and Marcia Swearingen

$250 ~ $499

Melissa Brammer
Jane & Rick Brothers
Carol Haralson & Ed Wade
Sharon Hauge
Mary Heyborne
John & Gail Heyer
Carol Mueller & Robert Schultz
Jan Munn
Tom & Linda Pallas
Kimberly Panfill
Bill & Celeste Peters
Jon & Terri Petrescu
Patsy B. Reed
John Roberts
Connie & Steve Segner
Jan Shanahan
Karen & Rick Taylor
Craig & Rose Tedmon
Mary Ann Undrill
Margaret Joy Weaver
Kathy & Peter Wege

A Big Thank You to All Our Members!

For six decades the Sedona Arts Center has been made possible in part by the support of our members! Members
value the role of creativity in our lives and in our community. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Thank you to 2019 AZ Gives Day Donors!

Anonymous – In memory of Karen Reed
Scott Ahrendt & Liana Genovesi
Lora Anderson
Joan Bankert – In memory of Brad and Bill
Barbra Barker
Janet Bass
Jack Baxter
Janice Billiam
Jim Bratton
Carla Card
Betty Carr
Richard Cianflone
Lillian Claxton
Michael Coleman
Tanya Collins
Linda Crawford
Jane Defoe

Rebecca Ellis
Ellen Ferreira
Miro FitzGerald
Carol Gandolfo
Dawn Griffin
John Heyer
Charlotte Hosseini
Patricia Jahnke
Kling Family Foundation
William Kusner
Mariann Leahy
Deborah Leatherwood
Millie Leenhouts – In memory of Dr. Thomas Leenhouts
Betsy Lehman
Kathleen Levin
Amy Light
Elizabeth Lukes – In honor of Kath Gilliam
Susan Moody

Dennis Ott
Laura Pike
Holli Ploog – In memory of Molly Goldin
Patsy Reed
Joan Roberts
Lynette Rockas
Judy Samuel
Fran Schlatter
David Simmer – In memory of Jay Young
Ed Southwell
Diane Stroebel
Mary S Taylor
Ed Wade
Debbie Winslow – In memory of Rhule & Dolores Bell, and Jay Young.
Julie Woliver
Alan Wolton
Jay & Sheri Young