The Birthing Cave at Night by Bill Belvin

Bill Belvin
Bill Belvin
Bill is a Sedona based fine arts photographer specializing in creating richly detailed images of the American Southwest wilderness. He loves capturing the patterns and symmetries present in sandstone and sharing the results with others.



The Birthing Cave at Night

The Birthing Cave is one of many small alcoves in Sedona’s national forests.  Ancestral Hopi women reportedly gave birth inside the cave, hence its name. The hike to the cave is only two miles round trip making this a top-rated destination. Parking at the trailhead on Long Canyon Road is limited, so I suggest you start out early in the day and avoid weekends. The cave is relatively shallow. If you decide to climb to its very back, be careful. The rock is well-worn and very slippery. This image was shot in mid-March when the center of the Milky Way is framed by the walls of the Birthing Cave.