The Sedona Arts Center’s ceramic department has been headed for over 16 years by local ceramicist Dennis Ott, winner of the 2018 Governor’s Arts Award of Arizona for Arts Education and 2017 City of Sedona Mayor’s Arts Award for Arts Instruction. Dennis can be found teaching Ceramics for All Levels classes and Advanced Ceramics, as well.  Neil Kennedy’s wildly creative Hand Building Ceramics class continues to inspire creative beginning and experienced ceramicists while his popular Saturday morning class, Pottery Wheel for Beginners, is perfect for getting started in throwing clay.

The department operates free from the constraints of grades and benefits from the talents of its ceramic faculty and assistants as well as nationally recognized guest instructors. This combination allows our department to offer flexible and diverse programming in both traditional and contemporary techniques.

Ceramics For All Levels(20)

Taught by professional ceramicist, Dennis Ott.

Hand Building Ceramics(5)

Taught by professional ceramicist, Neil Kennedy

Pottery Wheel for Beginners(5)

Taught by professional ceramist, Neil Kennedy