Cathedral in Autumn Attire by Elaine Belvin

Elaine Belvin
Elaine Belvin
Elaine Belvin’s interest in photography was sparked by the beautiful landscapes she and her husband saw while hiking in the American Southwest. After a long career in Information Technology, photography is now her focus and hiking gives her access to remarkable sites.



Cathedral in Autumn Attire

Cathedral Rock is an iconic landmark on the Sedona, Arizona skyline, and is one of the most-photographed sights in Arizona. Geologically, it is carved from the Permian Schnebly Hill formation, a redbed sandstone formed from coastal sand dunes near the shoreline of the ancient Pedregrosa Sea. Cathedral Rock cxan be photographed from various vantage points in Sedona. This image was taken in November when there was still some fall color in the foliage. It was shot in the Blue Hour, about 15 minutes after sunset when the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominately blue hue. Cathedral Rock is reflected in Oak Creek.