Eggshell Arch VII by Elaine Belvin

Elaine Belvin
Elaine Belvin
Elaine Belvin’s interest in photography was sparked by the beautiful landscapes she and her husband saw while hiking in the American Southwest. After a long career in Information Technology, photography is now her focus and hiking gives her access to remarkable sites.
Photography / Dye Infused print on Aluminum Floating Mount



Eggshell Arch VII

Eggshell Arch is one of the most beautiful arches in Arizona.  It is sometimes called Thanksgiving Arch because the late fall is the time of year when it glows bright red as the sun sets.  The arch is on Navajo land and is only accessible with the permission of a local leaseholder.  It requires a difficult 4-wheel drive over slickrock and by the time we get our best shots we need to drive out in the dark.


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