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Mimi Damrauer is an award winning paper collage artist and instructor from Phoenix, AZ.  She combines painting, stitching, drawing & collage to create, modern, one-of-a-kind artworks.  She considers her wobbly designs to be Outsider Art which has a primitive folk art feel. 

Growing up with a very creative mother and sisters meant that art projects, cooking and entertaining were a constant.  Mimi’s love of people, art, and fun led to a career in Chicago in Special Events and a spot on the art fair circuit across the country selling her vibrant textile and now paper collage artworks to collectors everywhere.  

A collaboration with retailer Crate and Barrel resulted in the fall 2008 debut of the best- selling “Sebastian” rug at Crate and Barrel retail stores nationwide and internationally via the Crate and Barrel website.

Mimi’s art classes are a place to have fun and learn simple techniques that will be a foundation for you to build upon in your own art journey. She teaches varied workshops at her cute studio space in Phoenix and other local art schools.  She can also be shipped in to your own location!