Organ Pipe Cactus 2 by Mark Edward Dawson

Mark Edward Dawson
Mark Edward Dawson
Mark Edward Dawson is a photographer currently based near Flagstaff, Arizona. He enjoys creating photos with everything from large-format view cameras and 150-year-old photographic processes to state-of-the-art drones. Mark loves making images and prints using a variety of historical (“alternative”) photographic processes such as platinum-palladium, cyanotype, and wetplate collodion. Despite a fascination with gum bichromate printing he has yet to tear out what’s left of his hair. Mark’s photographs may be of well-known locations, but are generally not the typical views. This helps the viewer feel like they themselves are out there in the landscape, rather than just looking at a photo on the wall. Mark has been interested in photography as long as he can remember. When he was little he had a theory that photo prints were already inside his dad's little film canisters, and when his dad sent them off to be developed all the store did was take the prints out, unfold them, and iron out the creases. Mark has learned a bit more about photography since then.
Tintype Photography
14" x 11" Matted Print




Organ Pipe Cactus #2 by Mark Edward Dawson