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Sholo Beverly (She/Her)

Born on the Southside of Chicago in 1968, I was an artist at a young age, influenced by my mother who was a floral and interior designer. As a self-taught mixed media artist and mother of two, art and family has been a priority for the last twenty plus years. I have learned to embrace my mistakes revealing a better understanding of what the universe wants for my art. I rebelled against rules of techniques resulting in utopian environments echoing my love for fashion, textiles,  patterns, and surreal images.

I have also taken my art to the streets with murals to advocate for social change on racism and women’s rights. Each mural I create contains bright colors with hidden messages to observe. I embrace the female body as part of nature. Discovering the organic secret language of being a woman physically, spiritually, and mentally. Earthly materials guide me from homemade inks, collage, and elements from nature for printmaking techniques and painting.