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I am a self-taught photographer & backcountry guide in southern Utah.  I wander in the deserts, meander within canyons; seek solace in the most remote of places.  The wind is my language and the rocks are my church. 

  • 2016-present: Lake Powell Resort properties permanent collection.
  • 2017-2020: Open Range Gallery. Cody, WY.  
  • 2022:  Two Best in Show awards for “Yazzie Tree”: A portrait of an ancient cedar. 
  • Current: organizing female led hikes.  Empowering women to trek into wild places: fostering female bonds & connections to nature.   

Many of my images are taken on Native American lands;  primarily Crow (my adopted family) & Navajo.  These images portray the beauty of the land and the people.  My unique perspective of the desert southwest is showcased by my off-the-grid locations & minimal editing process. My portfolio reflects this lifestyle.  

I have been married 25 years to my husband, Mike.  He has supported my journey at every twist and turn.  Together we have 2 free-spirited teenage daughters. 

In my “spare-time” I am a Bureau of Land Management Volunteer helping educate others to preserve and protect our public lands- for decades to come.