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I started my creative efforts as a toddler drawing elephant like creatures on the underside of furniture.  Nearly all of my later artistic endeavors involved some form of watercolor, the only medium that captured the misty Oregon atmosphere.  Those misty days are rare in Arizona but the ethereal quality of watercolor continues to inspire and guide me when planning fabric pieces.

My paintings and art quilts are a balancing act between intuition and control, spontaneity and technique.  My goal is to create a piece that causes you to discover something new.  Even when experimenting with fused fabric collage I attempt to convey  a sense of place that often includes ravens and other creatures great and small.

Fortunately, I received instructions from individuals gifted as artists and teachers…Lily Ham, Dick Phillips, Koo Schadler, Darci Falk.  Additional workshops as well as teaching in Flagstaff motivated me to explore the process that various artists utilize when creating their work.

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