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Rose Moon was ostracized from her home state of Texas when she became more interested in art and psychology than marrying a golfer and settling down on the desolate plains. With her degree from Texas A&M in art and a hankering for adventure she jumped onto a hippie bus and headed to New Mexico where she worked as a window display artist on the plaza in Santa Fe. After birthing two children she worked with two doctors who were exploring uses of Psychedelics for medical purposes. She then moved to the Bay Area in California where she studied and received a certification for Alchemical Hypnotherapy, all the while working as an apprentice for artists Al Garvey and Laurel Birch. That is where Rose met her husband Rik Farrow. They moved to Sedona Arizona in 1991. Rose worked as a hypnotherapist and taught art at NAU Elderhostel, Yavapai County Community College, and Sedona Arts Center. She studied more art with teachers Richard Drayton and Suzanne Klotz. During that time she also studied from Roga Roshi, and became a Zen Tea Roshi. She now spends her time painting, keeping house, and learning guitar and singing. She and Rik do tea ceremony every Sunday. Rose now enjoys her spiritual teachers Adyashanti and Angelo Dilullo, her cat Ching, and long conversations with her two grown kids. Rose is the author of the book “Unfathomable” a novel about an artist isolated on the Sonoran Dessert.