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Robert was introduced to ceramics in 1968 while attending Whittier High School in Southern California. He went on to California State University, Fullerton as a split major, Ceramics / Graphic design. He later took classes at Yavapai Community Collage and workshops at Sedona Art Center, where he continued his love for clay.

Robert loves archeology. He’s fascinated that ceramic art that was created thousands of years ago still survives to this day. Every time he finds a pottery shard he is humbled to think that someone, just like him, created this piece of pottery many hundreds of years ago. And here he is admiring a piece of it in the palm of his hand. So, he takes his time making his own ceramic art. He enjoys the journey. He’s not worried about how long it takes. He makes his art the best he can, in that moment. Because, hundreds of years from now, someone just like him may find one of his art pieces. It’s Robert’s hope that it too will be admired.

Nature also inspires Robert. His style reflects the movement and the way elements in nature seem to flow. Few things are straight. They curve and bend. And Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Most of Robert’s work contains some element of whimsy.

Key Projects
Since Robert has been doing ceramics, he has never had the opportunity to do anything large scale. Well, until now. Since coming to work at Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramics Arts he has access to some really, really, large kilns and all the tools to create his most ambitious creation ever, an eighteen foot long dragon. This fantasy creation was completed in 2022.

… Perhaps 2000 years from now, it or pieces of it may still be around being admired,
by future generations.