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Nita began her art career at a very early age, on a green chalkboard  in her father’s optometrist office. Encouraging reviews from the good doctor’s patients led to a 35-year career in drawing, painting and teaching Art and Humanities.

Rich textures, rhythmic movements and transparencies of light are the catalysts that inspire her work. Her images interplay reality with the whimsical, and offer lyrical glimpses into her daily excursions as well as her far-ranging travel expeditions. Hiking through red rock canyons, observing wildlife in their natural habitats, or watching morning mist float across a quiet field are a few of the meditative moments she aspires to convey through her paintings.

Nita studied Art Education and Art History at Florida State University, Florence, Italy, and Ball State University, earning a Bachelors, and a Masters degree in Art Education. She continued her professional artwork throughout her teaching career, showing her works in a variety of local galleries.

Recently retired from teaching, she is expanding her portfolio, attending workshops and exploring her passions.