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I might be characterized as a vagabond for beauty. My entire life has been consumed by seeking out natural places where humankind has had little to no impact.

Much to the chagrin of my parents, starting at age five, I would go on adventures that would take me miles into the sandstone canyons accessible from my backyard–always with my square Brownie camera. By my early teens, having proved that I would not die in the wilderness, I started backpacking to even more distant and untouched landscapes, always with a camera. I could reach the edges of big wilderness areas and then hike into some of the most untouched landscapes in the West once I was able to drive. Wanting to somehow bring a tangible part of the sense and experience of the place back with me, I began seriously looking at the landscape as a photographic artist and have never wavered from this pursuit.

Even though I’ve explored a lot of amazing places over the course of my life, I still experience each new place with the freshness of a young child’s perspective.

I have been known to get up at 3 AM and hike miles in the dark to get to a special spot in order to catch the first glow of light across the landscape. Sometimes I sit in one spot for hours watching the changing light paint the landscape.

I am a Flagstaff based photographer who seeks to create images that enable people to appreciate the profound beauty of the natural world. Throughout my photography career I have worked to capture dramatic images of untouched immense landscapes as well as the beauty of the more intimate, small pieces of the natural world.