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Marina Wahbeh is a second generation Palestinian American ceramicist, currently in her freshman year at Northern Arizona University. Born into a multi-ethnic Mediterranean home, Marina’s upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for her cultural roots and a passion for expressing them through art. Marina furthered her appreciation for the arts while attending a Waldorf charter school, and became interested in clay work after supplementing her high school career with a ceramics course at South Mountain Community College. Captivated by the nature of clay, Marina’s artistic aspirations led her to enroll at Northern Arizona University’s School of Art + Design, where she is currently majoring in Studio Art with an emphasis in Ceramics. Under the guidance of the experienced faculty and NAU’s ceramic community, Marina is developing her work through the exploration of atmospheric surface and cultural expression. Drawing inspiration from her heritage, Marina strives to reflect her identity within her art, through dynamic functional forms and decorative pieces that express the connective energy between the vessel and the artist. As she continues her studies at Northern Arizona University, Marina looks forward to further refining her skills and expanding her artistic horizons while sharing her culture through her art.

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