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As someone with a serious case of tactile munchies, Lolo is all about introducing students to the medium and excitement of clay, particularly via the wheel, as it is the most fabulous tool when it comes to tactilely discovering the possibilities and boundaries of clay. The first ceramics class Lolo took was at SAC’s “art barn” back in the year 1987 at the age of six. While her mom still has the clay coil pots, horse and cat figurines she built that summer, it wasn’t until 30 years later that Lolo dove back into playing with clay, this time at Yavapai College. In 2019 she was reunited with the SAC ceramics department. Thanks to it’s alternative learning environment and the mentorship of Dennis Ott, her career as a massage therapist is now more of a side hustle/interest and the majority of her working hours are spent in a ceramics studio. You can find Lolo throwing pots, making glazes, firing kilns, tending to the needs of the studio and learning everything she can about ceramics at SAC and Yavapai College where she works as a studio technician.  Occasionally you can find her creating at Reitz Ranch too. Lolo’s work is heavily weighted by the notion of purpose, therefore most of her work is functional. Most of all Lolo loves clay for it’s (paradoxically) sensitive and tough nature which, to her, reflects the human experience.