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Lance Larson (He/Him)

I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and developed a passion for photography at the age of fourteen.  In the beginning, I photographed architecture and flowers.  Over the years, I began to showcase my social life in a visual diary of what it means to be queer in a small town.  Meeting people online has allowed me to become a member of the queer community.  Using technology as a means to create an extended family celebrates the beauty of being different in a pre-dominantly heterosexual world.

I began creating images of my friends’ lives; producing images of people in relationships is at the core of my work.  Street photography and attending social gatherings have worked wonders in gaining a better understanding of why so many of us experience trouble in sharing our life with someone we love.  Currently, my passion in photography is documenting the LGBTQA Community.

In May 2014, I graduated with a BFA in Photography from The School of Art And Design at Northern Michigan University.  Two years later, I graduated with an MFA in Photography from Southwest University of Visual Arts in Tucson, Arizona.  My MFA Thesis Exhibition was on Love and Commitment.  My Love and Commitment series featured the best images of couples that I took of people engaged in meaningful relationships.