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“What lies beneath” is a succinct phrase, yet one foundational to the body of my work. As a collage and assemblage artist, I practice an ever-evolving form of inner contemplation, a point of fusion between plain object and complex thought. Crafted from the simplest materials and methods, my works are intended to challenge the preconceptions and fixed truths of both self and others, encouraging all to engage more freely in this life. Most works begin with an image or object, one I either find interesting or beautiful. From there I draw upon both analytical and intuitive skills to craft pieces that speak to the human and spiritual experience. Handcrafted and vintage papers, photographs and materials scavenged from everyday life are my materials of choice. In the end, I hope others will find, within my curious mix of the beautiful and mundane, an impetus to wonder, a reason to ponder, or simply a space for the mind to rest.