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Kati Thomson (She/Her)

Kati Thomson is a California native. Her love of storytelling has taken her from writing fiction, poetry and screenplays to film production and finally to her home in visual art. Her work juxtaposes representation against the ethereal, particularly in her figurative work.

“My work is inspired by the resiliency of life – we are bursting with it – even as we struggle. The world turns, children grow and play, each day brings change. To cope we look for order in the chaos, we turn our eyes to beauty, we form resonant connections with each other. In art I find the same is true regardless of the subject matter so I reach for a gut punch of resonance in color, expression and gesture hoping to make something you’d want to look at for a long, long time.”

Mostly self-taught, Kati has workshopped at Art Student’s League of NY and with many well-known artists such as Arthur Gain, Mia Bergeron, Steven Assael and others. Her work has found its home in corporate and private collections in California, Seattle, Scottsdale, New York.