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Karla Bruk has a long history as a visual artist in addition to an extensive family linage of artisans and painters. She was born in New Zealand. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was 15. She grew up in the family Jewelry business, traveling to art, craft, and trade shows throughout the U.S, Europe and Asia.

She currently resides in Cottonwood, Az. She also owns and manages a small bead company in Cornville with a focus on designing and making unique jewelry findings and floral glass beads inspired by an old Venetian glass technique using copper wire instead of a mandrel to form glass.

She has studied painting and sculpture at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, glass flame working and metal casting at the Crucible in Oakland, California, along with welding and metal fabrication at Melbourne Polytechnic in Australia.

“I prefer to work from a stream of consciousness, some what of a meditative state, so that I don’t over think or analyze the process and final out come. At some point in the process the work will shift becoming like a mirror reflecting back taking on a life and dimension of its own. It then becomes a delicate balance to allow what is emerging while also maintaining the space as creator and architect. When I am able to reach that ‘place’ of unity between myself andmthe work a quality of timelessness will emerge. These are my favorite moments as an artist and mostly what I am seeking.”