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Artist Statement: “My goal is to create beautiful architectural art pieces that always are new and different in both design and material composition. By blending natural stone, glass and modern style, I create calm and soothing functional art pieces for my client’s homes. When looking at my finished pieces, nothing makes me happier than hearing someone say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before”. My sculptural fused glass pieces showcase my strongest quality; that I’m a “no-fear artist”. Present me with a new challenge and I’m on board instantly. That’s why custom commissions are so appealing to me. They challenge me to collaborate with my clients to create uniquely wonderful new designs”.

Background: A Liberal Arts degree, coupled with a MBA and 9 years’ experience at a well-known consulting firm gave Joanne the confidence to co-found a technical consulting company in 1980. As a business owner, Joanne devoted the next 20 years to the firm’s success and growth. Meanwhile, extensive worldwide travel with her husband allowed Joanne to experience a diversity of cultural designs, styles and world famous works of art, forming the basis of her artistic eye, palette and style. Early age retirement to Sedona provided the opportunity for Joanne to pursue her third career: art!

Joanne, a past member of the Resident Teaching Faculty at the Sedona Arts Center (2004 – 2013), often collaborates with her husband, mixed Media artist Art Hiscox. Joanne’s artwork is in private residences and commercial venues throughout the US, Canada, South America and Europe.

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