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Joan Roberts’ work in jewelry design has become a passion as she continually seeks new ways to create distinctive art pieces. Joan enjoys the active and ongoing search for interesting materials and techniques that will keep each of her designs unique and one of a kind. Joan’s work in metal clay of silver, gold and bronze reflect her organic design style reflecting the natural beauty surrounding us.

A graduate of San Jose State University with a major in art, Joan taught art to middle school students and in adult education programs for eighteen years before becoming a school administrator. Her career allowed her to promote arts education for students within her care through teacher training and support.

Joan came to Sedona from the Monterey Bay area of California’s central coast as a new retiree and has been a part of the Sedona Arts Center as a volunteer since 2003. She provides individualized instruction in her studio throughout the year. Simply contact her to schedule your own private class.


Fine Silver: Precious Metal Clay (PMC) combines microscopic particles of silver with water and a nontoxic, organic binder to create a material that can be worked as a clay. When objects are dried and fired in a kiln, the binder burns away and the silver particles fuse into solid metal of .999 pure silver. It is referred to as FINE SILVER.
Keum Boo: a process originating in Korea, used to apply thin sheets of 23.5K Gold to Fine Silver using heat and pressure.
22K Gold: applied in a slip form, dried, hand fired with a torch and polished.
Bronze Clay: 89% Copper & 11% tin. It is worked as a clay similar to PMC. Bronze is strong & will have a gold to copper color.

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