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Jennifer Krueger is a mixed media artist who specializes in  wildlife paintings. She uses a multitude of mediums and techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are truly unique to her style.

Jennifer is an intuitive artist and works in whatever mediums and textures she deems necessary for the piece. Her current personal work explores a multitude of mediums, textures, and Buddhism. She explores different techniques by following her gut. “I get an idea in my head, and I need to try it out. Whether or not it will work doesn’t matter; although so far I have been pleasantly surprised.” One of her recent bodies of work consists of adhering watercolor paper and mat board to canvas and combining the mediums of watercolor, acrylic, ink, oils, and metallics. Her work has recently developed further into exploring personal history with her present-day practices in spirituality and Buddhism.

Jennifer strongly believes in connecting the viewer of the soul of the animal whose portrait she has painted. She believes that “once you can see yourself in the eyes of an animal, you have no other choice but to help them.” As an avid vegan, conservationalist, intersectional environmentalist, and animal rights activist, Jennifer believes that art can not only bridge the gap between understanding other species but bring a new perspective and vision to how the world can evolve into a kinder more inclusive society. “Every animal has a place on this planet, and I feel it is not only my duty to educate people on the plight of these animals, but also to show them the depth of love and emotional richness all of these species have.”

Jennifer is a member of Artists for Conservation and the Animals and Society Institute. She has won awards for her work in Arizona and Colorado and has been in publications by Shoutout Arizona, Voyage Phoenix Magazine, and the Queen Creek Independent. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her partner, Christian, and their four cats: Koda, Winston, Henley, and Theo.

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