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My paintings explore my personal experiences and observations of nature and people.  I like capturing moments in time, happy, sad moments hidden in the commonplace and transient scenes of every day life.   My aim is to take the observer on a journey through life, to places that are familiar and unfamiliar, near and yet far.  As I travel to different places, I capture interesting scenes of nature and ordinary people in commonplaces.

While I am predominately a figurative artist, I love painting outside.  In contrast to my studio paintings, my plein air work is done quickly, within one or two hours.  For these I use a limited palette with lots of paint applied in loose brush strokes meant to capture the essence of a scene.   Painting in the field helps me become more aware of light, color, and atmosphere.  Plein air painting is not just about the beauty of nature.  For me it can include anything found on location that captures a fleeting moment in time.  I find my inspiration from scenes where there is strong color, sunlight and high contrast.  I strive to convey a sense of place by capturing the fleeting magic of a particular time of day.  My goal is to accurately document and artistically interpret the beauty that I see whether it is a landscape, a cityscape, an urban scene, or a rural scene.

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