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Holly Stedman has been creating stained glass windows, sculptures, and panels for more than thirty-five years. She shares her talents through classes in her studio (beginning and intermediate stained glass and fusing), commissions, gallery installations, magazine articles, and her book, Splendor In The Glass; Creating Stained Glass Beyond The Ordinary.
In addition to expressing her love of the dynamic qualities of glass through her unique style, Holly also enjoys her “adventurer” side. Inspiration from trekking and canoeing in the high arctic, sailing and snorkeling the Caribbean and Tahiti, caving, and backpacking the Grand Canyon, has had a definite influence in her artistic endeavors.
Describing how her creative process takes form, Holly says; “I create art to satiate my passion, my compulsion (some say obsession) to bring forth in tangible form this cacophony of vivid visual drama that is always playing in my mind’s eye. I begin with my own history, often after an emotional adventure that can never be quieted. This evolutionary process may command to be expressed in glass sculpture, stained glass, or kiln formed glass; bronze sculpture; or in the printed word. I try to capture three elements in each of my stained glass windows or sculptures: clarity, richness, and sparkle to stir emotions and the human spirit.”
Holly and her husband Gary, have made Sedona their home since 1993.

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