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G.E. Vogt originally trained as a performance artist with a focus on socio-political themes. In order to create this highly physical performance art, she gathered “found” materials from numerous sources until the performances became living collages, telling visceral stories to their audiences. The unique ability of collage to use a juxtaposition of complementary and contradictory elements to explore a multi-faceted theme is what drew Vogt to working in collage exclusively, as it is an ideal art form in which to create work about complicated socio-political issues.

Since 2017, she has exhibited in various juried exhibitions across the US. In 2019, Fresh Paint Gallery held a major exhibition of Vogt’s work and she spoke on the “Women In Collage” panel at the annual Kolaj Fest hosted by Kolaj Institute. In 2021, Vogt created the SoPoCollage page to curate and showcase other artists who specialize in socio-political collage, participated in Kolaj Institute’s “Money Money” Residency, and directed & moderated Kolaj Institute’s “Politics in Collage” Artist Residency, which has become one of their recurring residencies. Most recently, she participated in an artist residency with Ideas Block LT in Vilnius, Lithuania, where she worked with a Russian artist to create an exhibition of works exploring the rise of authoritarianism in their respective countries, culminating in an interactive installation. Vogt’s works continue to explore the themes she has been interested in since her performance work which have become increasingly relevant – the unmanageable socioeconomic gap, the various forms of inequality prevalent in the U.S, and the toxicity of our political climate.