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Fran Schlatter’s artistic journey spans from the mid-west through California to the red-rock landscapes of Sedona, integrating the worlds of medicine and art.

Fran’s artistic roots were first sown in the vibrant atmosphere of the Toledo Art Museum. A unique journey unfolded as she became the sole student chosen from her school district for a five-year transformative artistic expedition. Those early compositions of creativity earned her a spot in the Smithsonian Children’s Art exhibition.

While navigating the world of pre-med, Fran concomitantly enrolled in several college art courses including printmaking, intaglio, lithography, and drawing.  She painted large batik designs and crafted personalized paintings on muslin and T-shirts, generously shared with close friends. Recognition grew, leading to a commissioned series of eight paintings on muslin for a local restaurant. Additionally, she was handpicked to illustrate a 30-page, recipe-tested Tofu cookbook, adding a creative touch to local grocery store promotions.

During the first two years of medical school, she continued her artistic sentiment by assisting with anatomical drawings for the medical school student note services.  Dr. Schlatter’s medical profession, which spanned over 30 years, with roles ranging from Associate Site Medical Director to Medical Director, Director of Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement, and Assistant Clinical Professor (UC Davis School of Medicine), showcased her commitment to healthcare leadership.  Navigation of this demanding professional landscape, although rewarding, often left little room for consistent artistic expression.

In 2017, Dr. Schlatter and her husband relocated to Sedona with plans for retirement. Eager to continue the creative journey, she enrolled in 2D Graphic Design, Photoshop, computer programming courses, and earned certificates in Video Game Developer and in 3D Modeling and Animation at a local college.

In Sedona, Fran discovered the enchanting world of ceramics at Sedona Art Center, sparking a newfound passion for sculpting. She draws inspiration from the realms of imagination, bringing to life fantastical miniature homes and creatures. Many of her creations come alive with internal lighting through votive LED candles, casting a warm glow that illuminates the intricate details of each structure.

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