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I believe we go through cycles of death and rebirth within our soul, and creativity is a spiritual tool for healing, on a personal and collective level. Art is an energy that requires freedom, movement and Attention to what is present. When we remain uncluttered and create space, beauty and peace have room to enter.

Painting a celebration of life with feminine imagery at the center of it all. ‘Woman’ is a universal symbol of life generation; I often use eggs to represent new life and possibility, and wings to inspire freedom and triumph. I like to paint the intimate moment when a woman has just encountered sacred insights, and she knows it; I think of each painting as a ‘blessing priestess’ which carries a specific healing. Transmitting deep wisdom, fierce determination, and devotional love, I am empowered by my own instincts and integrity.

I am fascinated by the space between the physical world and the mysterious spirit realm. I describe this spacious quality of spirit in my art through soft, undefined places or the contemplative gaze. Mystery is the source through which gifts of intuition, instinct, and wisdom are given. My art reflects a woman’s journey into the psyche to honor what is dying, to retrieve lost aspects she has abandoned, and to make room for the emergence of greater divine force to move through her.  It honors the courage required to create new life based on new consciousness. It is the heroine’s journey.

The canvas captures a conversation of ‘soul talk’, speaking a language of its own. I listen intently to the whispered messages, recording what I hear by layering color and shapes, producing transparent effects, and by allowing organic beauty to emerge. The image becomes a translation of symbolism  embedded with healing energy.

Painting from this deep source of inspiration is available to everyone. I offer classes that teach women how to access the powerful realm of Intuition and Wisdom through my approach of “Allowing”. Leading transformational painting journeys is my Soul’s work …My hope is that my art and teaching function as a mirror for other souls to find refuge, inspiration and empowerment for their own soul journey.