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For three decades I’ve worked as a psychotherapist, exploring people’s family histories, relationships and interior lives. In parallel with this career, my creativity evolved, working intuitively using color, shapes, compositions, and light in a variety of media, including oil, encaustic and gouache. The diversity of my work includes still life’s, plein air landscapes, studio nudes, abstracts, and nature’s flora, forests, rivers, and oceans.

For the last ten years, I turned my hand to encaustic painting. I love its whimsy, alive with surprising textures, motion, and vibrant color. Using my torch to melt wax, to direct hot, liquid pigments on a panel with intention, amplifies my sense of freedom and risk. Paintings unfold with unexpected moods and atmospheres, spotlighting the tension between what I control, and how the art unfolds.

I believe nature is healing. Many of my paintings represent the beauty of nature, its mystery and its power. Making art is a magical process, originating deep in the creative mind. The outcome, whatever it may be, is a hopeful declaration of our human possibility.