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I am a native of New York and in Brooklyn graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Fine Arts. Since that time I have been a multimedia artist working in various cities including Boston Massachusetts, Santa Fe New Mexico, Los Angeles and I presently reside on the Central Coast in Cambria California.

I play the mad scientist with art. A surrealist at heart, I juxtapose forms based on nature, known and unknown, microscopic and macroscopic. My artwork is an orchestration of chaos; colors, shapes, plants, landscapes, animals, figures, collected and layered into a two dimensional spirit. Like a spirit, each piece has a sense of self; a stately portrait, a dreamlike landscape or a scientific study of flora, infused with a vital force that challenges the veil of reality.

These illustrations become, for me, a way to celebrate the mysterious and fantastic elements of our planet, asking the viewer to look again at their surroundings and contemplate the way things could be if there were no limits on our natural world.