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What Sedona means to me Winding down the switchbacks to enter another reality. The cool water rushing then pooling, and softness of green leaves with the hardness of golden towers of rock in the background. Then the opening of the canyon into a wide view of red rock, like opening a watermelon for the first time with the unexpected transition from the green exterior to the red interior. Transported slowly and then all at once into a parallel universe, with the accompanying awe, wonder and surprise. It never gets too familiar to be old. The blue sky backdrop, and if you are lucky white clouds, or luckier still, snow and ice capping the spectacular monuments of stone. The changing shadows bring new areas into vision, new holes in the outcroppings. Scars from past burns or rare waterfalls cascading from above highlight the balance of nature. Standing on Devils Bridge, waiting for the sunrise at. , Hiking trails, and just sitting still in the atmosphere that is Sedona-all magical, all impressed in memory forever. The heart tug when you leave that makes you know return is never far off and the joy leap because you live close enough to come often.