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Collin is a visual artist based near Woodstock, New York. His impressive career spans fine art, illustration, animation, and figurative work. Ink and Watercolors have become his preferred medium, allowing him to focus on human figures, animals, and other creative subjects, although he works in several forms of media. He has exhibited work worldwide, in Toronto, New York, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, among others.

Like everyone, Collin started drawing as soon as he could lift a crayon, but he never stopped. The son of a cop and a nurse, Collin grew up in the blue-collar world where he escaped the every day with a deep love of film, science fiction, making art, and especially making animation. In high school, Collin won two national short film festivals celebrating Canada’s 125th anniversary.

Collin studied Animation at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada, and graduated with honors. He lived in the Toronto area for over a decade, married, had a son, and established a career in Advertising. He was a member of the “Five Lovely Guys” artists collective, shown in galleries and art events. In 2012, he immigrated to Brooklyn NY, and moved upstate four years ago, where he lives and works today.