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CJ was born in Santa Barbara California. From a young age he was inspired to create. Growing up he loved writing poetry, drawing and creating cities both in the dirt for his matchbox cars or with Lego. This transitioned to his painting and sculpting with acrylics and wire/mixed Media sculptures. He studied art at Moorpark college, taking almost every art class they offered for 8 years.

CJ primary works in an abstract form, using bright vivid colors, hard color blocking and organic forms. He love to push the envelope and think outside of the box on what colors and shapes make you feel when you look at them. He uses art as a method of therapy; Many of his pieces are a expressions of his emotions, thoughts, trials and tribulations.

CJ has recently returned to the art of ceramics at the Sedona Arts Center, taking classes as much as he can and also volunteers in the ceramics studio after class. He still paints and sculpts, but is beginning to venture into watercolor and specialty inks.

CJ Hopes to inspire viewers to view the world a little different, and feel the intended emotions with his works. He strives to show the world that it’s always better to created rather then destroy.

Recent Exhibitions include:

  • 42nd Annual Jurried Art Exhibition, Sedona Arts Center
  • Big Gay Art Show, Sedona Arts Center
  • Out of the Fire Ceremic Exhibition, Sedona Arts Center
  • Nuditas Exhibition, Biafarin