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Carrie is a painter living in Flagstaff, AZ

Painting is my passion. The possibilities are endless. I love to dip my hands in paint and literally put myself into the painting. Layers are everything. The time, the history and the stories that come from building layers all make a better painting. I could paint on one canvas forever but I force myself to do several at once. Capturing a mood, a moment, a place and freezing it on canvas is a high like no other. Old things fascinate me, the stories they could tell. I want to capture that essence with my own hands. Painting with abandon is my mission.

Carrie Clayden is a native Californian, growing up in Los Gatos, CA. She received her Bachelor of Arts from UCSC in 1995 and now resides in Santa Cruz, CA. Carrie is an internationally known artist, having been represented by The Art Agency in London, JCOS in Los Gatos, CA, and Curated by the Sea in Capitola. Floral’s are Carrie’s mainstay, using her hands to create dancing petals never fails to delight her senses. Her painting style is semi abstract in nature, dreamy and ethereal in feeling, abstractions hinting at stories untold. The foreground and backgrounds negotiate and dance to an exquisite never ending narrative. A celebration of the advent of spring (Carrie’s birth month), the confidence of femininity and the fountain of rebirth, Carrie’s paintings exhibit a richness and depth as though each piece had been created over the course of many years. She teaches classes at the Santa Cruz Art League and has an enthusiastic following of students.

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