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Bob Coates has always leaned in the artistic direction and his current work is a culmination of his explorations through the years. A twenty-plus year professional photographer he has been sharing his knowledge in creativity utilizing the medium and hopefully transcending the medium.

Borrowing techniques from many art genres including photography, watercolor, oil painting and acrylic artists Bob combines everything into artistic representations that he terms PhotoSynthesis & Lens Based Art. According to Coates, “All of my source material comes in through a camera lens but then all bets are off! I’ve been working on blending images and techniques for the last five to six years. As a bonus I’ve been exploring the reality utilizing artist brushwork that behaves the same in the digital realm.”

Bob looks forward to sharing his artistic journey through his imagery along with some of the work processes.

Coates creates works including straight photography, mandalas, hyper-realistic, fantasy and impressionistic images. He now specializes in taking avian and botanical subjects that are plain and transforming them to art you want to hang on your wall.