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I consider myself to be on a creative journey that continues to surprise me every time I step in front of my canvas. My paintings continue to evolve in style and technique, but one thing stays constant: I am in love with painting the human figure.  I use unfinished lines and painterly strokes to express the emotional vulnerability of human existence in everyday life. The impermanence and fragility of life is the essential focus of my work.

I love to experiment with either a monochromatic palette or an explosion of vibrant colors, depending on my mood.  The process of applying paint to canvas is an emotional experience for me and I even find it a bit sexy.  Exploring the use of shadow and light as a push and pull of interest for the viewer is a constant theme in my art.  I often start each painting with a simple concept or idea in mind then I start placing color throughout the canvas, letting the colors intuitively reveal the composition.  The paintings develop in response to the energy created between myself and the paint.  I use painting as a meditation and I deeply enjoy the never ending challenge to evoke a particular mood or emotion for the viewer.