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My parents tried really hard to discourage me from making art as my career but I’ve always been a rebel. I’ve kept a regular practice of painting and drawing throughout my career. My latest obsession is art journaling. I’ve had long spans of time when I felt like an imposter and other times when I felt I’d never run out of ideas and there wasn’t enough time to make everything I wanted to make. I’ve learned that I have to show up to create regularly. Art journaling is my way of showing up. When I put in the hours anyway whether I feel like making art or not one thing leads to another and the good stuff comes out. I don’t make things I love every day and a lot of the time I make something different than what I set out to make but I’ve learned to just enjoy the act of making stuff. It fills me, it heals me, it gives me the language to say things in a way that I don’t have words for and I love that. I also love sharing what I know and encouraging others to create. So if you really like art, and you think you want to make stuff because you feel called to create I’m here for you, let’s do this!