Crazy Good Agave by Debra Goley

Debra Goley
Debra Goley
Arist Statement I use my art to communicate an idea visually; it speaks of how I am innately wired. I enjoy playing with light, contrasting colors, and the use of mixed media in my fiber art. Drawing with my needle gives me more depth to tell my story with the use of thread and line type. Things of nature and architecture are seen in my work. Mostly written words from our Creator and or the meaning of a subject are what inspires me to delve deeper to support an initial thought and concept. Though my work tends to be abstract it always has a meaning behind its forms and composition. Discovering the destination at the end of the creation process solidifies the whole, though it’s the journey I am truly after and what satisfies my soul. I begin with a compositional sketch, audition my colors, play with light by piecing layers of value from light to dark and cutting through the multiple layers that offer elements of mystery and intrigue. The result is just that.
20" x 20"




“Crazy Good Agave” fiber art by Debra Goley

20″ x 20″