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Debra Goley is a fiber artist living in the west valley of Phoenix AZ since 2003. Her journey has taken her to living a life overseas from a young age, later practicing Architecture in Washington DC and TX to now full-time artist in AZ. She earned her B of Arch from the University of Texas, Austin and is an award winning international and inspirational artist. She is currently an educator for a public charter high school in the classics of art and instructs privately for all ages and exceptional needs. While her body of work is a broad spectrum of mediums, her latest focus is working with fiber. It is an exciting extension of her portfolio adding depth to her work after her mom left her with a plethora of fabric and a machine to draw with her needle. Debra begins her designs by sketching to scale and allowing the form to follow as it may. Her life’s work is a continued exploration which has its roots in a life lived overseas with the experience of a multicultural community. Debra’s work and teaching style clearly represent a global influence. With each new project her journey begins with an analysis of a subject that takes her design from concept to expression.

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