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Expressed throughout Trea Christopher Grey’s work is joyful spontaneity. The paintings are organic in form suggesting worlds upon worlds. Utilizing fully the spirit of color, Trea’s creativity goes beyond the conventional. His work ignites the imagination and invites a deeper look.

Trea has lived in Sedona Arizona over 20 years. He is drawn to the majesty of the land and the vibrant community that resides there. A self taught artist, Trea’s inspiration comes from a passionate love of color. Thoughts and feelings are set free with several pourings of paint. This is the genesis for Trea’s creativity. He builds a painting based upon these loose blending of colors, a story that dances with infinite dimension, rhythm and clarity. His process necessitates the critical part of the mind to soften. This is where Trea’s originality shines. Color relationships and imagined worlds are formed in the heart as much as with the eye.

Often the abstract nature of his work can be viewed from multiple orientations. Each direction can present a new exciting world. To take advantage of this quality he traditionally signs the back rather than the front of his work.

Trea Christopher Grey’s lyrical abstract paintings are enjoyed in collections around the world, including New York City, Miami, Dubai and Sedona, AZ.