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“Creative power doesn’t come from strong reactions to what happens, it comes from a steady vision of what’s possible” – unknown

Visual artist, painter, printmaker, illustrator and graphic UI/UX designer, Teresa Villegas’s skills are multi–disciplinary. Her work has been seen in galleries and museums throughout Mexico and the U.S.. Best known publicly for her paintings – such as her installation called “La Loteria: An Exploration of Mexico” and her public art terrazzo oor design “Light, Love, Life” at the Terminal 3 Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Villegas nevertheless feels: “The world is what you make it, it’s about creating and connecting, it’s about the natural world and people, intentions and actions founded in well-being and universal love.” Hailing originally from Iowa and moving to Tucson Arizona, then to San Miguel de Allende,GTO Mexico, and after many traveling exhibitions throughout Mexico and the US, Villegas currently works out of her home studio in Phoenix, AZ living with her husband and 3 children.

Following studies in science and art, receiving her BFA from the UA in Tucson, she gained distinction in Illustration while working for The Arizona Daily Star Newspaper as a sta artist and designer from 1989 – 1995. While her professional illustration and design work has been widely viewed and published on a regular basis, her ne art paintings became forefront while living between Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende and Arizona on a regular basis, and exhibiting in Santa Fe, NM and Scottsdale and from 2001-present.

After many years where she has consolidated her ideas producing artworks and exhibitions, contributing substantially to our interior and exterior milieu from her large work that includes public and commercial art, Villegas is rooted in Phoenix where she continues to create by exploring her visual storytelling skills in all aspects of her professional and personal life.

“Life is art, a journey of signs and symbols, where we can shape and maneuver what we want to see with our hearts and minds, that in-between place that exists with every breath we take,” she says, “where everything is possible, and nothing is quite as it seems.”