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From her birthplace of Chicago, through 20 years in Atlanta, GA, and Goodyear, AZ, Patricia Bohannon has left an indelible mark on the various art communities she’s been a part of. Patricia had been introduced to the world of art in elementary school by a neighbor, and honed that interest later in High School. She knew one day she’d be a painter and sculptor, and was successful creating with paints, glass, fiber clay, ceramic, metal and mixed media over the years. She graduated with high honors from Chicago State University in 1987. Over her astonishing 60-year career, she participated in countless individual and group exhibitions, taught Art in the Chicago Public School system and the Fulton County Board of Education, and received innumerable honors and awards. She was celebrated as 2022’s Extraordinary Woman of Color during Black History Month, and featured on ABC15’s Sonoran Living. Patricia Bohannon used her gift to inspire and lift the social consciousness of her viewers: “What sustains me as I create, is my passion and desire to connect with people and share through visual expression, historical information on the unfamiliar.” Paticia passed away in July 2023.

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