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Kristin learned to throw at a young age, and has been creating ceramic art throughout her life. She took classes in middle and high school, and as an adult studied briefly with accomplished ceramicist Robert Hessler. She currently resides in Jerome, Arizona, a haven for artists and free spirits. In general, Kristin’s work is the result of personal practice and desire to create beauty and harmony with what is at hand. In that light, for many years, Kristin has been exploring and refining the process of throwing delicate forms and pit firing them, finding this a simple and elegant way of working that involves both high degrees of control and openness to the serendipity of atmosphere. She also makes functional items, especially for meditative functions, such as tea ceremony. Always, Kristin is tremendously grateful for the easy connection to her soul that working with clay provides, for how creation is a touchstone to her confidence and ability to sense beauty and harmony. 

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