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Karen Taylor is originally from San Francisco where she majored in Anthropology at San Francisco State University. That cemented her fascination with the broad range of cultural splendor and diversity around the globe. When she began painting 50 years ago, her study and interest in the multiplicity of rites and rituals and of the many alluring ways that people find to decorate and adorn themselves resulted in the colorful art she has created over the years.
After college, Karen moved to the Duckwater Shoshone Indian Reservation where she lived and taught school for two years in the 1970’s. It was an inspiring time. She treasured the high desert light and the serenity of the isolated reservation. She also prized the beauty, composure and artistic traditions of the Native American culture.

In the late 70’s, she moved to Sun Valley, Idaho and became part of the lively and nurturing art community there. The Sun Valley Art Center provided scholarship and mentoring. She worked in acrylics and pastels and she specialized in large format faces of indigenous peoples from all over the globe. Her work was shown at Gallery Oscar and Globus as well as in many local shows.

Karen describes her move to Sedona, Arizona as coming home: “I have always loved the Southwest. I find the light thrilling. It makes me feel as if I’m floating on a sea of color. It also renewed her interest in the Indigenous cultures, the pre-European people of North and South America. It’s been home since 2010.

Karen’s work is now showing at the Sedona Arts Center. Previously her work was in Turquoise Tortoise Gallery, the Great Southwest Galley, Hillside Gallery, and in Santa Fe at the Cynthia Garrett gallery on Canyon Road.

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