Yoga Echoes by Mary Heyborne

Mary Heyborne
Mary Heyborne
Mary Heyborne, award-winning potter, poet and playwright, says: “Wherever I live I tune in to my surroundings and seek the influence of its uniqueness in my art. This has been particularly rewarding in the splendor of Sedona.”
16" x 8" x 8"





“Yoga Echoes”

Immediately upon moving to Sedona, I felt drawn to express my feelings for her in many ways—including expanding my time and creativity with the clay, writing more poetry, and delving deeper into self-expression through yoga. I also took advantage of the offerings of the Film Festival, Chamber Music Sedona, etc. From day one I acknowledged and appreciated our small town of Sedona being a great supporter of the arts, and I was prompted to write the following poem. It went on to become the title poem for “Ephemerons . . . Poetry by Mary Heyborne,” published in 2006.

Ephemerons in Paradise
In this primeval paradise—
cathedral of colored stone—
all arts collide,
creating fissions and fusions
that expand and exalt,
making artists of us all.
in this geologic grandeur,
we seek to leave a trace—
fling pigments on a canvas
or words upon a page,
sculpt timeless clay into a form,
or dance to change the flow
of this eternal air;
we blow through reeds,
draw bows across some strings,
sing hallelujahs
to echo forever—
proclaiming we were here.