Reclamation Series No 28 by Dennis Sohocki

Dennis Sohocki
Dennis Sohocki
Sohocki is known for his classic, graceful modern forms in bronze, marble, stainless steel and hardwood.
Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture on Granite Base
19" x 9" x 5"




Reclamation Series #28

Colorado Yule Marble on Granite Base

Reclamation Series #28 and its previous pieces in my Reclamation Series are carved from Colorado Yule Marble, the same quarry used for the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The sculpting process began over a century ago by the forces of nature and industry, long before I find the stone. I integrate each piece’s past (its industrial markings and patinas) with the contemporary. Each stone was discarded in the quarrying and tossed aside, but through discovery (and lots of work) it is transformed into fine art. Just as we, too, may have been discarded or tossed aside, we can transform and reclaim our lives to create a beautiful furture.