Robin Hanna

Robin is owner, designer and creator of Agapé Artisan Jewelry. Exploring various forms of art has been her lifelong outlet since childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and throughout her career as a physician. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University and pursuing medical school, Robin completed a radiology residency and musculoskeletal fellowship. During this time, Robin developed a fascination for natural gemstones after a trip to the world-renowned Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. After years of recreational jewelry making, Robin honed her metalsmithing skills and launched Agapé Artisan Jewelry in 2017, developing a look that is both original and timeless.

Mostly self-taught, Robin’s work is refined and thoughtfully handcrafted in her Scottsdale, Arizona studio using many of the same skills from her medical career – with patience, precision, and passion. She finds purpose in crafting pieces with an unwavering focus on the gems. Simple settings allow the stones to speak for themselves, while other designs are the result of artistic vision and eye-catching color combinations.

As a treasure hunter and collector, Robin is driven by the never-ending search for striking gemstones. She is captivated by their intrinsic beauty, unique faceting and alluring imperfections. Thus, each piece begins with the meticulous selection of precious and semi-precious gemstones, hand selected and sourced from only trusted suppliers worldwide to ensure high quality, vibrant color, exceptional clarity and precise cut. Metalwork is hand forged in 14k gold fill, fine and sterling silver, and involves forming, cutting, shaping, sanding, hammering and soldering. Along with aesthetics, her designs take into consideration durability, movement and wearability.