Nancy Foo

My memories of nature inspire me to share my love of this wonderful world through my organic and refined jewelry designs. My jewelry reminds us of our connection with the earth, showcasing the natural beauty of stones and metals.

My dad gave me the lifelong gift of adventure and respect for the world around us, as well as my passion for pebbles, stones and rocks. Growing up, my parents and six siblings and I would hike the Arizona deserts, canyons and mountains and collect stones to grind and polish in our rock tumbler. I kept the beautiful stones in my treasure box and later learned to glue them into settings.

I belonged to a lapidary club while in junior high school. The first stone I learned to cut and shape was a Tiger’s Eye. I remember how exciting it was to take a rock from the earth and create a piece of jewelry that someone could wear. Throughout my childhood I also loved drawing, painting and craft projects. Keeping my hands and imagination busy were and still are a few of my cherished pastimes.

In college I began my studies in graphic design and illustration but, after drawing a 3×4 foot self-portrait, I realized I’d rather create small, 3-dimensional art – Fine Arts with an emphasis in jewelry. Since college I’ve continued to learn jewelry techniques and incorporate them into my pieces. Finding new ways to mimic the patterns found in the natural world is one of my favorite parts of jewelry design. New tools are always fun to try and use and I’m excited by the challenge.

My husband, our three girls and I were fortunate to have lived at the Grand Canyon for 22 years. The glorious colors and shifting canyon light are an inspiration to my design and imagination.

Photo of Nancy Foo